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That’s right! Dr. Timothy Watson returns with Scott Wood (a.k.a. Mr. Punchline), to give you another sneak peek behind-the-scenes of your local medical clinic.
This second compilation of educational and hilarious sketches is sure to inform, and with Mr. Punchline in scrubs… he’ll definitely have you in stitches! (Pray you don’t get sick!)
Get a peek at the Cast & Crew in action, too, via outrageous outtakes and bloopers and a revealing Behind-The-Scenes featurette!

Over 30 minutes of BONUS EXTRAS!

Including special bonus feature! The original PEDIATRIC CLINIC, starring Tim Watson, Scott Wood, and a whole host of zany characters teaching medical clinic etiquette!

Fun for the whole family… as long as no one in your family is afraid of zombies! (Relax… there’s a zombie-free version inside, too!)

Running Time: 28 minutes

Limit 10