The Nine Types of Patient Visits

1)    Physical Exams & Sports Physicals

2)    Non-Physical or Sick Visits

3)    Consultation & Results Review Visits

4)    “Nurse Only” (Medical Assistant) (such as Weight Checks, Shots and TB tests)

5)    Medical Consent and Instructional or Teaching Visits

6)    Pre-Op & Surgery Visits (including dental clearance for anesthesia)

7)    Psychiatric Related Visits (including questions about Behavioral disorders, Eating disorders and ADD)

8)    Follow-Up Visits

9)    Telemedicine Visits


Each visit is given a different time allotment at the time you call to schedule your appointment, and this time slot cannot be changed after you arrive in the office. It is very rare that we are able to combine visit types and thus it should not be expected.  So if your concerns overlap appointment types, you will most likely need more than one appointment.