All About Forms

Forms require a two week turn around but may take longer if there is a reasonable unusual exception (high volume of requests, excessively large medical chart or staffing issue).  Below are forms we can complete at no cost, also those that we cannot complete.  For FMLA forms, IHSS forms along with simple half-page letters, the cost is $25 and there is an in-person visit requirement (we do not fill these out if they are simply sent in, you have to schedule to come in for this).   Ask the staff for more information about the cost of forms if not listed below.  Excessive paperwork may require additional time to complete.


Forms Completed at No Cost to You


  • Sports/Camp Physicals
  • School Physicals
  • Foster Care Visitation Documentation
  • WIC forms
  • Medication Dispensing at School Forms
  • Back to School/Off School notes
  • Asthma Action Plans Created by Our Office (not random forms provided by the school)
  • Authorization for Child to Carry and Self-Administer Medications at School (usually for asthma medication)
  • Back to Work/Off Work notes
  • Time Off Excuse Notes (For Illnesses under 1 week)
  • Vaccine record 1st first visit and 1st photocopy (if lost)
  • Records releases (with minor exceptions) to other doctors.
  • Dental or Pre-Op Clearance forms


Forms We Cannot Complete


  • Time Off Excuse Notes (For Illnesses NOT seeing the doctor within the last week)
  • Return to preschool or daycare notes for babies or kids under 4, when they are better, take them back.
  • Sports Clearance with known serious, neurological, cardiac, orthopedic problems or other health problems WITHOUT clearance from specialist
  • Psychiatry-related forms about psychological conditions, these must be by psychiatrists.
  • Autism assessments, these must be performed by autism specialists to which we can refer you.
  • Mold related notes/Letters (Please see the Allergist for this)
  • Power/Gas Medical Baseline Allowance for children without debilitating disease. These forms are for children requiring ventilators, suction machines for survival or other significant medical equipment that cannot be run on a battery. These are not for air-conditioning for kids with asthma.