Medical Care Challenges with Separated and Divorced Parents

Doctors at Mission Pediatrics recognize that the separation and divorce of parents takes a heavy toll on their children. This often requires the support of psychiatrists and therapists in addition to meaningful communication between separated parents.  We never want your child’s care compromised, so if your child is suffering because of a divorce or separation, please help us out by having both parents in agreement with

our medical care, and do not put the child in the middle of a parental feud that entwines our medical practice.


We find it is usually best that both parents attend doctor visits for these children when legally and safely possible. We ask that there is no “instructing” of the doctor on what to “write down”. When our physicians are placed in the middle angry, accusing parents, it irreparably compromises the doctor-patient relationship. Explanations of your child’s care plan will be provided once during the visit to the person present. Please do not expect the provider to call the other parent to discuss the care plan a second time.  If custody paperwork, CPS or restraining orders are in play, it is your duty as a parent to provide that information to our team so we can properly and safely provide care to your child.