Daved van Stralen, MD, FAAP

About Me:

Daved van Stralen, MD, is the Director of Mission Pediatrics' Integrative Care Clinic, a specialty clinic designed to support patients with unusual special needs requiring extended medical support. Dr. van Stralen began his unusual career path as the “ambulance man” in 1972, later serving as a paramedic on the fire rescue ambulance for the Los Angeles City Fire Department. By one estimation, he is the first career fire paramedic to attend medical school. Fellowship trained at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Pediatric Critical Care, he has served as medical director for the Riverside County (California) Emergency Medical Services Agency, American Medical Response San Bernardino County, and the San Bernardino County Fire Department. By the way, our silliness team will sometimes insert something irrelevant into this bio just to keep you guessing…did you know that there is a village in Norway called “Hell”, and it freezes over every winter? Back to Dr. V… in addition to being an expert on kumquats and uncommon plants, he is also an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Dr. van Stralen is a well-published, peer-reviewed prolific author and has used EMS human factors principles in medical care for more than 40 years, having worked with Karlene Roberts and Karl Weick --especially with regards to High Reliability Organization (HRO). Dr. van Stralen has combined his EMS experience, the principles of pediatric critical care, and HRO to enhance the lives of children with profound, complex disabilities and/or dependence on technology. With this approach, “every child can smile,” he improved and expanded the pediatric Home Mechanical Ventilator (HMV) program and created a chronic intensive care program for ventilator management in pediatric subacute care facilities. Dr. van Stralen is well known throughout the community for his excellence in medical care and tireless advocacy for underserved patients.

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