How the pandemic has affected parents

Parents are growing fearful and even more mistrusting of even the most basic of childhood vaccines.  Some people have emerged from the pandemic with great mistrust of doctors.  We understand that the “moving goal posts” of continually changing medical recommendations and conflicting messages from the medical community have contributed to this mistrust.  Since our team is composed of parents with children, just like you, we have all lived through the flurry of changing information –just as you have.  But it is our job to correct misunderstandings and to rebuild trust where we can.  Since CoVID related subjects and discussions have become so unbelievably politically charged, we will be handling the CoVID vaccine and discussions separately.  It is our first goal to rebuild trust in the standard regimen of childhood vaccines.


For those afraid of vaccine “preservatives” and “toxins”, we remind our patients that on a daily basis they are continually exposed to toxins in far greater quantities than those found in vaccines.  Toxins in the air, water, plastics, and junk food meals are collectively far greater than vaccine preservatives. Most vaccines do not have mercury (also called thimerosal) unless they are in multi-dose vials. The aluminum preservative in vaccines is in virtually all antiperspirant and restaurant cookware, so your exposure to aluminum is already elevated with these daily exposures.  Also, splitting up combo vaccines into their individual parts will actually increase the load of preservatives to a child, so the “alternative schedule” may in fact be worse for your child. Remember that there is no evidence that delaying vaccines confers equal vaccine protection from the recommended schedule.


Our doctors are committed to keeping the dialogue open and honest insofar as we can survive as a clinic with the burden of large numbers of hesitant, non-vaccinated patients.  We make this choice because we believe your unvaccinated child is worth that time investment.