What We Mean by Having a Dress Code

Dress codes are about respect for other people who have to sit next to you. We support everyone being an individual and making their own personal statement, BUT, please do so with respect of others in mind. Professionalism is our commitment to you in the appearance of our clinic and staff, so patients and their families are expected to wear basic clothing, including shirts and shoes except during exams.


Patients and their family are expected to make a reasonable effort to be clean and dress with modesty in a manner that shows a basic level of respect for others in the clinic. Under certain circumstances, we may address a matter relating to dress code, and our hope is to have it resolved. When in doubt, cover up! If at all possible, be sensitive to little kids and try to also cover up explicit or scary tattoos. Be mindful of the graphics of your clothing in addition to explicit pictures and/or words.  Please try to keep the political stuff out of our office, it has become too divisive at this time.  For safety reasons, please no gang-like attire, hats, kerchiefs or colors.