Why we ask such PERSONAL questions

We ask questions about depression and about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Events), and these questions are very personal and sensitive.  We understand that the questions can make you uncomfortable and even resentful of our team because you feel it invades your privacy or brings up painful memories.  There is a reason we gather this information.  The state of California has also focused our attention on gathering this important information.  Current belief is that children who experience a significant amount of stress in their formative years may have a lower life expectancy.  If this is true, then it becomes necessary to identify who those children are so we can begin measures to intervene with mental health or social service support.  This is the thought behind gathering this information according to California’s Surgeon General.  It is our goal to support you and your family, and part of that is understanding the journey that you have taken to get where you are.  We truly want the best for you, and we believe having this information better allows up to get you in contact with the right support.  So that is why we ask.  If you are uncomfortable, it is your right to refrain from answering the questions.  We respect you.