What are Physician Associates and Nurse Practitioners?

These are also called “Advanced Care Practitioners”. These are experienced health care providers who work under your doctor’s guidance and are trained to treat your child.  All of our providers are great with kids, but we kindly ask you not to pick favorites or insult our team by demanding to only see one specific provider.  Mission Pediatrics believes in well-rounded patient experiences to balance out your experience with a diverse variety of excellent caregivers. Sometimes having fresh eyes on a patient allows us to catch problems earlier, and we have found that a variety of providers gives your child this advantage.  If you believe that your child can only see one single provider, you are in the wrong office.  It is just not our business model, and we wouldn’t want you to tolerate an experience you find frustrating –it would be wrong for both of us.  If you are scheduled a year ahead, sometimes providers may need to change. Due to time and staffing constraints, we cannot always change your assigned provider the day you arrive in the clinic.  Please be understanding.