Kathryn “Katie” Porter, PA-C

About Me:

Kathryn Porter (Katie) is a board-certified Physician Associate and has been a with Mission Pediatrics, Inc. since 2019. Katie grew up in a small town in Michigan called Byron Center. She first learned she wanted to become a physician associate (PA) when she was in high school and met a PA while on a flight to Guatemala. Katie was on her way to Guatemala for a mission trip, and this PA was also going to do medical mission work with children! She found that incredibly inspiring, and wanted to use her gift in science to help children as well. She attended California Baptist University for PA school and graduated in 2019. Katie works diligently to provide our patients with a delightfully different telemedicine experience. By the way, our silliness team will sometimes insert something irrelevant into this bio just to keep you guessing…did you know that the heart of a shrimp is located in its head? Well, back to Katie…she enjoys building furniture, hiking with her sweet dogs, traveling, and reading. Recently married she made another big move to Northern CA and grown to be a telemedicine expert. A fun fact about Katie is that one of her favorite holidays is April Fools Day, because she and her dad were constantly trying to prank one another. She once set her father's alarm clock 4 hours early, causing her father to wake up and go to work at 3AM. Fun fact, Katie loves soup…a lot…and is one of the rare few that can claim to have eaten soup every single day since she was three years old. “No soup for you!” (This last reference was Dr. Watson’s dated reference to a TV show no one remembers anymore…sigh). We are so delighted to have Katie as part of our Mission Pediatrics team.