What is our Safety-First Policy?

Mission Pediatrics is committed to safety above everything else when it comes to patient care. Safety is the best form of preventive medicine.  We continually strive to provide you and your children with a safe but fun environment, and we work diligently to anticipate matters that may be unsafe and address them proactively.


If you see anything unsafe, please call it to our staff attention immediately. Safety requires that you supervise your children at all times. Kids under seven should not attend restrooms alone. Kids should not be left alone in the reception area or exam rooms. No infants should be left on an exam table or bench. Parking lot supervision is critically important, so please hold your child’s hand when walking to or from your vehicle.


Remember, caregivers are expected to watch their kids to prevent them from getting injured by climbing on things, eating or choking on things, crawling under things or toppling things over. We reserve the right to refuse service to any patient or family that does not supervise their children or maintain a safe experience during their visit.