What is Done at a Typical Appointment?

Our staff will check to make sure your insurance will cover your costs. If not, they will inform you or let you know your co-pay. It is important you answer your phone messages when they call to confirm.


After parking, leave behind the bulky stroller, carseats are okay.  Put on a mask for everyone over age.  You can buy a mask if we have them in stock.  No mask, No Appointment.  You are expected to sign in before you arrive (check your email for sign-in info).  When you check in at the front desk, you may have additional paperwork with forms that are required for patient confidentiality purposes.  Pictures may be taken of you and your child.  Also recognize that some forms ask some very personal questions about Depression and Adverse Childhood Events.  See the section below to explain why those questions are asked.


The sign-in process is faster the second time if your address and insurance or health history hasn’t changed.  But please complete the all of the forms you are sent and don’t leave them blank. Remember to bring your identification, your child’s vaccine card, your insurance info and co-pay to the visit. Also, keep us updated if your phone number or address changes, it’s a matter of patient safety. Newborns need the hospital “crib card” which has the baby and the baby’s doctor’s name.