Healthy Habits

Fevers – Myths and Care

Dr. Watson talks fevers, and Mrs. Crabapple chimes in… and even serenades him! (Plug your ears!)



Bonesy, Did you know that half your body weight is just water? Another pretty amazing fact is that your brain knows when your body is thirsty. This is really important if it is very hot outside or you are exercising. We need to listen to our bodies and drink to thirst. Your urine tells you a lot about your…



Can an apple a day keep the doctor away? Maybe, apples have lots of fiber and vitamins. If your child is having problems with constipation more fiber in their diet can help. aiding and even preventing constipation in some cases. Here at Mission Pediatrics, and your kids are likely to get the fiber they need. Bone Appetite!


Healthy Habits

“Healthy Habits” Exercise  Most children need an hour of physical activity a day Limit screen time to two hours a day Everyday play outside, walk run, play, have fun! With friends Play games like tag, kick the can, jump rope or hop scotch Get your children involved in sports or    activities that keep them…


Nutrition Notes

“Nutrition Notes” Fresh is best! Fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber, water and vitamins Healthy homemade foods for everyone If the whole family eats healthy, children will want to also Cook and prep together Shop and plan ahead Keep low fat cheese, yogurt, fruit and vegetables on hand Avoid pre-packaged meals and snacks as…