Simple ADD is Treated in Our Clinic When We Have Openings

ADD (ADHD) is psychiatric issue for which all insurance plans have mental health services available to their patients.  We encourage our patients with psychiatric concerns see their psychiatrist. We only provide ADD services for select patients with pure ADD without other psychiatric conditions when our physicians have available time slots.  ADD patients are required to have an appointment in person or telemedicine every three months.


Our physicians would like to treat every patient, but some matters, specifically psychiatric matters, often need more in-depth interventions that we simply do not have the resources to provide. This decision is made by our physicians on a case by case basis. For example, if your child has depression issues in addition to hyperactive issues, this may be a form of bipolar disorder, and will require more intensive psychiatrist assistance. Also, we request that if you begin the ADD discussion with one provider, you follow up with that same provider thereafter.