A Little Bit About Us

Mission Pediatrics began in 1984 with a small office in Perris, California under the pioneering work of pediatrician Xavier Gonzalez.  By the early 90’s, it was the largest vaccine provider in California.  Under the vision of pediatrician Tim Watson, it grew to five locations in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties with 14 providers –complete with its own Integrative Care Clinic for children with highly specialized needs.  Demonstrating its leadership in innovative pediatric care, all of our offices have a unique theme with the staff in full costume.  Offices with custom-made artwork, special effects and fun teaching videos help you laugh and learn. Theme-based medicine provides you and your child a fun and creative medical experience in stark contrast from other clinics. Heavily supporting local arts and businesses, we consistently support community wellbeing with multiple events promoted online.  Our business model works off of four concepts and four pillars.  The concepts begin with Safety above all else, closely followed by an attitude of Courtesy.  This is enhanced by a delightfully different medical Experience.  We complete the circle with Efficient and streamlined practice.  Our team operates with four Pillars.  Clarity of Vision where we clearly practice our mission, Constant Communication within our team to provide consistent care, Caring in Action with demonstrated support of our communities and Unity in Purpose where we remain laser focused on access to care for our patients.  Our annual Excellence in Action training seminar fine tunes us as a team so your experience of the joy of medicine flourishes.  We hope it shows with our smiles and cheerful care. 