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Symptom Checker

A great tool for getting in-depth information on hundreds of symptoms all neatly organized visually. Symptom Checker


Newborn Fevers

Is your child’s fever an emergency? Dr. Watson clarifies the often misunderstood topic of newborn fevers in relation to medical emergencies.  


Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – Bug Bites

Bug bites, Mosquito bites may get red raised and itchy. Bees may sting. Ant bites may burn, get red and form a small blister. While bug bites can be annoying, they are rarely dangerous and usually resolve in a few days. 


Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – College

Has your child just graduated high school or is looking to go to college? Change can be hard and very stressful.


Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – Batteries

Have you heard about button batteries? Lots of toys come with little batteries in them. These can be very dangerous if swallowed. Batteries can cause burns,  vocal cord paralysis, pneumonia and even death


Safety Seconds: Holiday Safety

Holiday Safety *Holiday Safety* *Keep these tips in mind when decorating your home or hosting a party * *Candles:* Keep lighted candles away from anything flammable. Consider using battery operated or melted wax type products instead. Never leave them unattended and make sure to blow out or turn off before leaving your home. *Christmas trees:*…