Riverside “Joshua Tree” Office

Mission Pediatrics Riverside Office

Mission Pediatrics Riverside
"Joshua Tree Office"
6926 Brockton Ave, Suite 6, Riverside, CA

Mission Pediatrics has expanded its national park themed facilities by adding the Joshua Tree office to our collection of theme-based offices. Designed to promote healthy outdoor and active lifestyles, each room highlights a specific national park with iconic views and custom hand-painted artwork throughout. Whimsical titles such as “the Badlands lab” and “Carlsbad Caverns” restroom add to the overall spirit of humor throughout. The General Store vitals station is themed to look like an old country store, and the staff dress in costume to fit the themes and create a delightfully different medical experience.
Often working along side the Yosemite office, Joshua Tree will sometimes serve as a sick patient check-in to keep well and sick patients separated. This office marked the second expansion of Mission Pediatrics as we grew in patients and physicians in the Riverside area. Plasma UV sterilizers in the AC system create clean filtered air for your safety. The large back parking lot provides lots of space for patients seeking medical care.

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    Mission Pediatrics Riverside "Joshua Tree" Office

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