What are our Procedures for Prescription Refills?

Prescription Refill Policy. Mission Pediatrics takes special efforts to provide timely prescription refills, but certain requirements and understandings must be agreed-upon first. You are expected to be responsible and plan ahead.


All prescriptions are sent electronically, not on paper. No prescriptions or refills issues can be processed when the clinic is closed. So, if there is an after-hours emergency requiring medication right now, please go to the emergency room and do not endanger your child by waiting for refill requests to be filled.  ADD medications are typically prescribed on fixed days each month.  ADD patients are required to have an appointment in person or telemedicine every three months.


Do not use the emergency room to fill routine, non-emergency medication, so after appointments when you leave the office, please immediately go to get your medication so we can help with any problems that may arise when our clinic is actually open. We also take it very seriously if a pharmacy will not provide you with life-saving medication and fails to call us on our 24-hour line (same as office phone number). Antibiotics are not called in over the phone without a physical exam, so please don’t ask for them if calling after hours.


For safety reasons, albuterol and steroid medications are not called in over the phone during an asthma attack (because this would be irresponsible without an exam), so if your child is having an attack, call the office first and only go to the emergency room if advised to do so or if appointments are unavailable.


Spilled medications are dealt with directly by the pharmacy, not the on-call doctor, so it is of no use to ask our doctors after hours to re-prescribe medications. Due to legal restrictions, no prescriptions are sent across state lines. This specifically includes but is not limited to albuterol inhalers, seizure medications and ADD or psychiatric medications. Parents are advised to have their pharmacy contact the office with refill requests and not make appointments just for refills unless it is a follow-up for ADD, Asthma, or other medication adjustment such as the management of a chronic condition.


Remember, no medication will be refilled without an exam if there has been no follow-up exam within the past year. All refill requests have approximately one week turn around. Additionally, medication refills for new patient medications require the original bottle and or physician records before they are refilled.