Clearance Forms and Time-Off Notes

Some patients need to have clearance from a cardiologist, orthopedist or neurologist, not us.


If your child had a head injury, seizures, heart problem, broken bone or joint problem, their clearance needs to be from the actual specialist, not us…unless the specialist sent us the record saying they are cleared.  Safety for your child is of utmost importance to us, so for this reason, we can provide these clearances with proper documentation from those specialists. Without that documentation, we are unable to clear your child for sports if they have a cardiac, neurological or orthopedic problem without express clearance provided by that specialist…even if the game is tonight. So please plan ahead.


   If you want a note for time-off school or work, but you never came in to us for an exam, you can’t get a note unless certain criteria are met.


If you have been seen by another doctor in the past week, we can write you a note if we have records.  But if you have been out of school or work for two weeks, and you never saw a doctor, you are out of luck.  If your child is sick, make sure you, at the very least, secure a telemedicine visit to document the illness properly so we can write you time-off notes.


Please note, no forms to “go back to school notes” are written for non-school entities, e.g. daycare for children under four, because this isn’t school. If your child is three or under, take them back to daycare when they feel better, make sure your daycare knows this is our policy.