Our office policies in a nutshell

Our office policies in a nutshell:


Working together in Respect and Responsibility


How to best participate with your office visit:

  • Be prepared: Bring only the patients with an appointment. Bring a mask, insurance, vaccine and ID cards with you.  Bring the required adults needed to supervise your children.  Come rested, fed, cleaned and with plenty of time to complete paperwork.
  • Stuff we don’t like in the office: Parents losing their temper and using profanity. Leaving ten messages for the front desk for the same issue.  Please turn cell phones/pads off when the provider is in the room.  Please no Smoking/Vaping/Smelling like Marijuana.  Please be respectful of our amenities and décor in the office.  Please don’t linger in the office when the appointment is finished.  Please no food or drink.
  • Things we suggest: Happy patients and happy doctors are what we all want. Please make every effort to be positive and clear in your speech and intentions while conducting yourself with the staff and fellow patients.  Stay on task and keep your questions only about the child with the appointment.  Limit your questions to the top three.
  • A note about Appointments/Wait Times: Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment. No more than three missed appointments may be allowed.  Our physicians provide the time they think you need for each appointment, and sometimes this means that others have to wait.  If the demands for time exceed available time, some appointments ae rescheduled.
  • A Few Notable Points about Mission Pediatrics: Fun Theme-Based Settings. Breastfeeding Friendly.  Loads of online videos.  Board Certified Experienced Providers.  Stroller-Free Zone.  Pro-Vaccine. Medical Care provided form birth through age 21.  Most insurances accepted. Environmentally Aware.
  • Please feel free to share your great reviews online, but if you have concerns, we ask you to first give our team a chance to better understand how we can better serve you. Check out our online comedy teaching videos for more helpful tips!