Chris Delos Reyes Arca, MD

About Me:

Dr. Arca attended the University of Hawaii for an undergraduate degree in Biology, he received his medical degree from Rush University in 2016. He did a pediatric internship and child neurology residency at Loma Linda University in 2021 and completed an epilepsy fellowship at Stanford University in 2022. He was born and raised in Hawaii and loves everything that deals with the ocean (except getting salt water on a papercut or sand in your shorts). Fun fact, peeing on jellyfish stings doesn’t work, and if the jellyfish arms with nematocysts are exposed to water or urine (which is mostly water), it may cause them to activate and the venom will be even worse. Medicine and research have always been an interest to Chris since he was a wee lad. After being bored out of his skull doing bench research during his undergraduate years, he made the decision to transition to something much more exciting and way more fun, medicine. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young, active children, trying to grow various plants, learning new dad jokes, and doing various dad things around the house. Fun fact from Dr. Arca “I spearfish, trail run, write Yelp reviews, and was able to hold my breath for 3+ minutes. I love the patients and staff that I meet at Mission Pediatrics!”

Chris Delos Reyes Arca, MD as a child

Baby Chris