What is an Appointment Reservation?

When you are given a reservation card, it is for a reservation time that you are expected to be in the office, usually twenty minutes before your actual appointment. Thus, if you are given a 3 pm reservation, it might be for a 3:20 pm appointment –giving you time to fill out necessary paperwork and get your vitals taken so that your provider can see you on time. This is doubly true if you have more than one child being seen. All patients are expected to complete registration paperwork online BEFORE coming to the clinic and will be sent the registration packets several days in advance.  Because internet connections are spotty in different offices, your phone may have trouble if you wait until the last minute to complete your registration when you arrive in the office, and this may also delay your appointment.  To minimize spreading infection, we ask you use your phone to register, so please do not expect to use in-office tablets or computers to register as this is not guaranteed. Please arrive at reservation time. Late-comers may have to reschedule.