School Age

Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – Bug Bites

Bug bites, Mosquito bites may get red raised and itchy. Bees may sting. Ant bites may burn, get red and form a small blister. While bug bites can be annoying, they are rarely dangerous and usually resolve in a few days. 


Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – Emergency’s

What is an emergency? When your child starts preschool they are old enough to start learning what an emergency is. Sometimes no matter what we do, emergencies and accidents happen. Children need to know what an emergency is and information to give when asked.


Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – College

Has your child just graduated high school or is looking to go to college? Change can be hard and very stressful.


Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – Batteries

Have you heard about button batteries? Lots of toys come with little batteries in them. These can be very dangerous if swallowed. Batteries can cause burns,  vocal cord paralysis, pneumonia and even death


Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – Poisoning

Have you heard about the dangers of e-cigarettes, opiates, household cleaners or detergents? Poisoning injuries can happen to anyone. However, there are a few things you can do to help keep your home safe.


Stopping Ticks

DEET, showers, and tick checks can stop ticks. Reduce your chances of getting a tickborne disease by using repellents, checking for ticks, and showering after being outdoors. If you have a tick bite followed by a fever or rash, seek medical attention. Gardening, camping, hiking, and playing outdoors – when enjoying these activities, don’t forget to…



Asthma is a condition that affects a persons breathing. What causes asthma? Asthma can run in families.


Safe In The Sun – Sunscreen

Do you love being outside in the sun? It feels great to be outside but we want you to be safe. With all the sunscreen out there, how do you know how to choose the right one for your children?