Medical Records Requests

Mission Pediatrics is pleased to assist you in transitioning medical care either to us or to another provider. All record requests must be accompanied by a legally signed consent for medical records. Pricing for records prepared electronically on encrypted media are a flat fee of $25.  Processing of all requests entails two factors.  1) Consents must be reviewed and verified. 2) Payment must be cleared.  After these two factors are completed, the request is given an official request date, and records will be available or mailed within ten days of that official request date.  We will no longer be faxing records.


Doctor-to-doctor charts, court ordered requests and record requests for insurance benefits are typically provided as a courtesy without charge. We encourage doctors to access the Health Information Exchange with which we participate in lieu of requesting our records.


Copies of charts for legal purposes require a verifiable consent from the legal guardian/caregiver in addition to the appropriate fee. We reserve the right to contact the patient or guardian to verify that legal requests are legitimate prior to assigning such requests with an official request date.


For safety reasons, some records, specifically those with mental health information, may not be released to patients.  If such a determination is made to withhold release, patients may designate a legally appropriate healthcare provider to review those records instead.   Because of California confidentiality laws regarding sensitive services, the patient may be required (not the parent/guardian) to sign for certain types of record releases.


Paper and faxed paper versions of records are not options with our office.  All records are provided on encrypted digital media to requesting party to pick up in person or to be mailed out.   Patients are encouraged to print provided digital media for themselves as paper copies are no longer an option for anything beyond a single visit.


Our record release policy is designed to be compliant with the federal, state, medical board and malpractice carrier recommendations.  If at any time it becomes clear that our policy is not in compliance, we will immediately adjust our policy as needed.