How Appointments Work

Mission Pediatrics is dedicated to quality and accessible care, so it is our pleasure to provide fast and easy appointments. Planning to visit the doctor is best achieved by calling and scheduling an appointment with the front desk. Although our doctors may ask you to come in, they don’t usually have the schedule in front of them, so you are still expected to call.  Sometimes you call and get to the voicemail, please leave ONE message for a call back.  Please don’t call and leave ten different messages. You can also call after hours and leave a message with the answering service for one of our staff to call you the next business day to schedule. We offer many providers including males and females to customize care to your child’s needs. We also offer text message reminders for appointments.


All visits require a mask, child/patient vaccine cards, insurance cards, and parent identification. Photos of patients and authorized caregivers may be taken for safety and identification purposes. Walk-ins are often accepted but may have a longer wait time. Same day sick appointments are often accepted when we have room. Physical exams are typically scheduled up to one year in advance, but they can be scheduled at any time: including sports physicals.


To make your experience efficient, please call us first instead of just showing up as a walk-in. Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel. Failed Appointments will incur a charge. And remember, when you are done, we have others waiting behind you, so do your best to quickly pack things up and move to the checkout desk.


We schedule your child for physicals one year in advance, before we have final office schedules.  This can create a problem for you if our schedule changes the assigned provider.  Our offices are like restaurants.  We serve patients as they arrive in the most efficient way, and the providers, like waiters, will usually assist eachother to keep patients moving.  We are now assigning specific days to specific providers at various offices, but because of possible unforeseen changes that may arise in the schedule (someone calls out sick for example), it is not possible to guarantee you will see the same provider every visit when scheduled many months in advance.  Although you may have a favorite provider, we ask for you to be patient or call in to verify the provider a few weeks before your appointment.