Please, Don’t Swear or Use Bad Language Around Kids, Here’s Why

Regarding profanity and parents who lose their temper. Cursing and using vulgar language is unacceptable and highly disrespectful to our staff and other patients around you. This can make others feel unsafe. Most parents don’t want their kids to hear bad language –even if you curse all the time at home. If things are not going the way you want them to go, cursing never gets you what you want –better to speak kindly and respectfully. Threatening behavior toward our staff may end with a termination of our doctor-patient relationship.  Same goes for threatening words or profanity in online posts and behaviors in the parking lots within earshot of the clinic. It is our goal to provide a stellar patient experience and we pride ourselves on a healthy, thriving professional setting. All communications amongst yourself, the staff, providers etc. are expected to be professional at all times.