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Patty V.

I love it best care for my kids .Since they where babies can’t wait for my new baby to come here as well they might take a minute. But with patience it all works out .Very clean I’m happy here

Tyler P.

Best Doctors office I have been to it’s very clean also looks like a cabin in a National Park with the theming and funny videos playing on a tv to entertain. Doctor Watson is extremely professional with our sons care but so funny you’ll forget that you’re at the doctors office. We will recommend Mission Pediatrics to everyone we can thank you Dr. Watson and staff for everything you do!

Carla H.

I have been taking my son to Dr. Watson for almost 9 years now and would never think about taking him anywhere else. Dr. Watson cares for my child as if he was his own. He listens to every crazy concern I may have and explains in detail so you understand. If your wait time is long it is because the Dr’s. and staff are giving every child and worried parent the attention and care they deserve.

Patty C.

I have 5 kids and have been bringing my children here for the past 13 years. The staff and Dr’s here are great! Dr. Watson always takes the time to address all my concerns when not to many doctors do that now a day. Most importantly my kids never complain about going to the Doctors. Highly recommend!

Penelope R.

Keep in mind, most of the time, people only feel compelled to write negative reviews for everything. ANYWAYS, I was seen at this medical office since I was born and then I started taking my daughter here when she was born. They’re always very thorough and make sure to get to the bottom of whatever the illness is. The only reason I gave it a 4/5 stars is because yes, it is hard to get a parking spot, and yes, it is hard to get a receptionist on the phone with the new automated system, but I recommend this medical group. Their office has come a long way, design wise, in the past few years. Overall, 21 years of good experiences from me!

N D.

I love this doctors office. Docotor Watson is the best! And the other doctors are great too! The office is very clean as well. Highly recommend.

Alice H.

My son who is a year old has been coming here since he was about 4 months old, due to not being able to get an appointment at my daughters doctor office when he needed his shots! Ever since we came here with him we fell in love with this office! We decided to change over our daughter to this office as well. Today she had her first physical at this office and she was so nervous and scared to try a different office. Let’s just say she told me afterwards she didn’t want to go home and that she just LOVED Dr Agas! Her words were “he’s awesome, silly, and down to earth like my daddy! I love him!” This makes me so happy to hear as her mother because I know when it comes around for her next yearly physical, I won’t have to fight with her going. She felt comfortable with him, and had a lot of FUN at her appointment! I’m very pleased with this office. The set up is also so fun and cute! Definitely a place I recommend to all my friends and family! Thank you Mission Pediatrics for making our lives a little more easy and fun!

Eve C.

Dr. Agas is wonderful wit our babies, he sincerely expresses his concern for the health and well being for the babies, answers all our question or concern we may have, He’s always making us laugh with his sense of humor. I highly recommend Dr. Agas to anyone looking for a pediatrician. The office is very clean and the atmosphere is welcoming with its Yosemite theme, love the raccoon in the forest…..Staff is friendly.

Kristofer A.

Love mission pediatrics! Especially Dr Watson and Agas, so personable and care for the kids. Also very unique clinics that have a great “kid” feel. We are scared to switch insurances because we love this place so much, although it can be pretty busy sometimes. Would definitely recommend this place!

Brittany R.

Hands down the Best Pediatrics office in Riverside. I’m so glad that they offer services in other locations Perris & San Bernardino. I needed my son to be seen ASAP & unfortunately he normal location in Riverside wasn’t able to take him but San Bernardino office did. It may have been a further drive but the urgency was necessary. They are excellent with children & the staff is always very caring & devoted to the time spent with you when your child is being seen.

Lesley S.

Dr. Watson has been my family’s best chosen physician  for 13 years now. I used to be a patient here when I was a preteen along with my siblings who are now teenagers themselves.I’ve always appreciated doctor Watson and his staff for how much they pour themselves into their job of helping my family.I am now a mom and I bring my daughter here for all of her needed check-ups and concerns.I could never express with words how grateful I am to Doctor Watson for his contagious positivity and gifted way of calming down a worried mom with 100 health concern questions. Dr. Watson ha sido el médico mejor elegido de mi familia desde hace 13 años. Solía ​​ser un paciente aquí cuando era un preadolescente junto con mis hermanos que ahora son adolescentes. Siempre he apreciado al doctor Watson y a su personal por lo mucho que se dedican a su trabajo de ayudar a mi familia. Ahora soy un mamá y yo traigo a mi hija aquí para todos sus chequeos y inquietudes necesarios. Nunca pude expresar con palabras lo agradecida que estoy con el Dr. Watson por su positiva manera de ser y que tan bien que a cuidado  de mi familia.Gracias!

Tish M.

I can’t believe I almost let a few bad review deter me from going to this practice. Not sure what happens to those other people but I have had nothing but pleasant experiences the 2 times I have gone and most definitely will make Mission pediatrics and Dr. Watson my kids regular doctors. Dr. Watson was amazing and interacts wonderfully with the kids. My daughter absolutely loves the atmosphere! It reminds me of the log ride or CA adventure! Rustic and playful. You can tell someone put a lot of thought into this office.

Summer F.

Dr.Watson & Dr.Ed are the best!! Never seen doctors who Avril lay care about your baby and take the time to talk to them and hold them . The best doctor office I’ve ever been to . It’s very clean and a welcoming place to come to . Dr.Watson actually explains what is going on with your child . Dr.Ed is very awesome! He cares about your child and always interacts with them! Best doctors I’ve seen!!

Monica O.

Dr Watson is kind, humble & truly dedicated to his profession for all the right reasons!!! I’ve never in my life seen a dr sit down and talk to the parents for 20 mins + ! He was informative, and gentle with our two year old! His office has a positive and safe vibe to it. It’s so rare to find a pediatrics office that cares this much. Nurses are a delight and i’ve never felt happier to take my son for an appt. Dr Watson is a forever Dr! :)

Brenda L.

My husband and i loved Dr Watson since he first saw our baby @ the hospital.. Always answers your questions and has a great attitude, funny but very professional! Office is so cute!

Erika A.

Awesome team of doctors and super cute office! We love Yosemite and Dr. Watson especially is an awesome pediatrician who will even return urgent calls at 5am! With how awesome the staff and the office is, I’m pleasantly surprised that they accept medi-cal. Highly recommend this team to everyone!!!

L W.

Old fashioned healthcare in today’s crazy world. The most caring physicians!  I have worked directly with doctors offices most of my career- Mission Pediatrics is the best. We brought our son here as a newborn and were so impressed! Your children will be cared for and all your questions will be answered.  I love that they desire that EVERY child have access to quality healthcare.  Riverside children are  better served because of Dr. Watson and his staff.

Yonette W.

Why didn’t I do this sooner?! So sorry. I recommend Dr. Timothy Watson to anyone whom wants an ol’ school doctor, that takes his time, cares about his patients all with clever wit! My kids love him. He has assemble a great hard working staff of competent professionals. Letty comes to mind first, but they’re all so helpful. His office is clean and the kids love the decor. I feel really blessed to have found a doctor like this. He is absolutely the best!

Rocio H.

I seriously LOVE my sons pediatric doctors, they are all so awesome and caring. They take the time to actually get to know baby and talk to you as a parent if you have a concern. Dr. Watson and his team are all so great! Highly recommend them! They even offer a call line where you can call the on call doctor and they’ll back to you with advice.. It’s really convenient.

Rachel F.

We have been coming here for over 7 years now. Dr.Watson and his staff are caring, reliable, and energetic. They value my input as a parent and take our opinions into consideration when handling treatment. I like that fact that if it is after hours, and I have a major but non-life threatening concern – I can still reach one of the doctors on call. As far as wait times go… We live in a metropolis. We do not live in a small town, if anyone is expecting to be in and out of a great doctor’s office in under an hour; that is unfortunate and probably unreasonable. We love this office and will continue to be loyal as long as they are doing their jobs the way they do now.

Sara W.

Our doctor has helped my step son by offering to always be available for us. We have always gotten an appointment when needed and they are located in an convenient place for our family. They are kind of hard to find if you don’t know the area and you find the parking lot in the back. You have to go inside a building first and they are on the right hand side. They is a good play space for kids and even has a puppet show they can watch. Dr. Watson is very personable and has giving good advice. We will be staying with Mission Pediatrics for a while.


Love the environment, good customer service, experienced, knowledgeable. Checking in is easy. Quality medical cares Dr. Watson and his staff make you feel cared for. I appreciate he does not discriminate against insurance carriers and give the same experience quality service for all. He is good with children of all ages, genders and with special needs. Cannot wait for Redlands location to open!

Claudia Sanchezin

We love you Dr. Watson it’s always a pleasure to see you and take my son to be seen in your office.

Robert Bin

Dr. Watson is an excellent pediatrician who cares deeply about his patients and profession. He has goes over and above to develop an warm, safe, and interesting environment for children and teens. He is an outstanding practitioner with a wonderful personality kids love. I would highly recommend him to any family.

Maria Tin

He’s an excelente doctor very caring and gentle with the kids! Been taking my baby for 4 years now and my 2nd boy for 1 and 7 monthes! Will continue to take my kids with Dr. Watson!


Very caring doctor and cares about his patients.

Jillian Seegraves

Dr Tim Watson goes above and beyond the normal scope of what a Dr. is know for. He not only makes your children feel comfortable, he makes them laugh with his magic tricks but also makes look forward to their next visit by making them feel like part of his family. Even when my son required an emergency transport from his office to the PICU w/ bilateral pneumonia and the flu virus at an O2% of 82% he made me feel confident, things would be okay. He came and checked on my son and wasn’t even assigned to his case. He truly cares, loves what he does, and it shows in his work! He sits down and shares stories of his own life, his kids, and you feel like he’s a small town Dr but we’re in a big city. He couldn’t do anything more to be an above and beyond exceptional pediatric physician!! I would recommend him to anyone!!

Daisy Banuelos

My kids love actually going to the doctor’s appointment they make everything so fast and comfortable for them great communication skills and a lot of great customer service

Santiago Barba

Been taking both of my kids since they were new borns. Love this place

Lissette Benjamin

Dr. Watson is one of the best pediatrician my kids have seen. You can tell he loves what he does. Took my 3yr old for a splinter that was deep in his skin, within a second Dr. Watson removed it. My 3yr old didn’t feel a thing.

Sondra Gage

Dr Waston,  is an excellent physician, he treats his pts. With the up most respect.. He’s always concern never. Changes his pleasant, professional position. He has a great Staff here in the Brockton, office. I can certainly speak for. If theirs a problem. He most definitely would like to be informed. He listens to what is being said.  I love his entire team buttom line! My son, loves his Dr. And tell Dr. Vaston, everything that’s going on with him. Even the concern of his medical Condition. Which really is a sensitive matter. Thank God, for a Dr. Such as yourself. The Stormer,Family.

Shantay Lerma- Fording

The best pediatricians I have ever encountered!! They absolutely love their career and it is very well shown with every child I see them encounter when we visit. The office environment is so fun and friendly. They definitely go above and beyond to listen to not only myself, as the parent, but my children. They do an amazing job making my children feel safe and comfortable. If i could give them 10 stars I would! Seriously that’s how great these doctor’s are. My children come first always and mean the world to me and that’s why I recommend these pediatricians. You will not be disappointed!

Diana Cortez

This place is LOVELY the staff is amazing. From checking in to being taken back, the provider was amazing. All my questions were adressed. Thank you Mission Pediatrics! This is a huge upgrade from the last office my son went to!


Beautiful practice and great staff. Without a doubt the best in the area.

Nataly Mora

Great!! My kids and I feel safe . all of the staff are awesome. Never have had any problems getting appt or help over the phone. My Kids love the doctors .

Jerrymarie Morales

I enjoy taking my son there. They always try to make him feel more comfortable and entertain him while examing him. They answer my questions and observe his development while talking with us. It sometimes takes a little bit to be seen but the service is worth it.

Jennie Cirivello

My children have been patients for over 5 years now and we are, and have been, very pleased with Dr. Watson and Dr. Agas. The front and back office staff are very busy but always kind and personable. Thank you Mission Pediatrics for caring for your community.

Maria Hernandez

My girl is been patient seen she born doctor always take a good care of her all doctor are very nice and the staff 😉

Valerie Lomas

My son has been coming here for about 4 years now, I can honestly say I love this place for him, my son has autism and ADHA. Dr. Watson helped me and sent him to all the right places with referrals. They don’t take to long to get it done. There’s a other Dr. Agas which is always friendly and shows concern when my son goes in as well. The both Drs. Have been very helpful with this journey I’ve been on with my son. Trying to get him the help I can. This office has helped me so much. I really do recommend this office to all. Yes, the wait might be long at times but always worth it, they get the stuff done and taken care of. Staff is always friendly and ready to work. Two thumbs up.

James Lyles

Dr. Watson is a phenomenal physician and has been the physician for our 4 children for years. He discovered a month after my daughter was born what they failed to discover at the hospital…that my child had a heart defect! 4 months later she had open heart surger at Loma Linda. Dr. Watson saved my daughter’s life. That is worth more than 5 stars.

Heather Ordonez

Their doctors really care about the whole family. They are always available to answer your questions and they always make the visit fun for the pashant and there siblings. The only problem with the Paris office is that the parking lot is too small but there is always parking avalable neerby.

Betty Nicanor

I love the doctors and staff, the waiting is sometimes long but nonetheless they do an awesome job and my kids love it

Conny Pineda

Best pediatricians in perris! I love them and I love the staff from mission pediatric :)

Stephanie Silva

Dr. Watson, Dr. Lauren and Dr.mustafaelenfante(i don’t know how to spell her name) by far the most amazing doctors on staff! Each an everyone always helped me with any concerns that i downfall they have a small parking lot in perris but other than I absolutely love them. I’m glad my ob introduced us to them ❤

Lizbeth Salinas

I love this place and all the pediatrics who work here! They are the best!

Nataly Mora

We love it.

Penelope Rose

I was a patient of Mission Pediatrics since before it was even called Mission Pediatrics! My mom took me there from my very first newborn doctor’s appointment until I was 18. I now take my daughter there. I absolutely LOVE this medical group. The only reason I’m giving it a 4/5 stars is because it can take a little bit to get an appointment, but for the most part, I can get my daughter in quickly & out in a timely manner.

Elizabeth Valencia

i been taking my kids from 2005 to now doctor are realy good and on time wating i tink they are progresing .

Cooking with Reyna and crystal

I just wanted to give some positive feedback on Esther she was so kind listened to me and understood my concerns thank you