What are Sick and Well Clinics?

Because we aim to keep everyone healthy, some of our offices are equipped to separate patient groups into “sick” groups and “well” groups. This model will sometimes vary as to which office serves this purpose based on patient demands. Most clinics are equipped with in-room air exhaust ventilation systems and all rooms are kept clean regardless.  Our staff does their best to decide if your child “looks” sick, and if so, they may move you to the “sick side” of the office.  If your child looks sick but is not sick (you think it is just allergies, or they have a chronic illness that makes them look sick) then we ask you to be patient with our staff making this decision.  For example, if your child has a cleft palate and is a noisy mouth breather, it may look to others like they are sick –like the new mom of a newborn.  That mom may be afraid to have her baby near yours, and you are expected to be kind and sensitive to people who may not know better.


We request your patience as we do our best to make this work. Specialty clinics, including chronic illness, obesity and asthma clinics are at times available, check with the office or follow us in social media.