All About Vaccines and Masks

We are pleased to announce that masks are not required in our offices for routine patient care.  We have one exception, if you are sick and actively coughing or sneezing, please consider wearing a mask while around others.

Vaccine Schedule:

Vaccine Information Statements:

CDC CoVID Vaccine Guidance:


Archived Policy Below  11/2023

For purposes of transparency, we retain the previous policy for your review.

Ever-Changing Mask Policies:

We follow the CDC guidance when it comes to masking. We believe the information is reliable and important. We also believe it is important for our patients to be informed and weigh the information carefully when making masking and vaccines decisions. With that in mind, the California Department of Public Health has guidelines that state they follow the science. So we find it challenging when the two departments have differing recommendations presented below for your review:

California Department of Public Health Masking Policies in Medical Settings Sept 22, 2022: This one states masks are required in all healthcare settings except nonclinical areas.

CDC CoVID update Sept 23, 2022: This one states masks are not required in healthcare settings when low risk, but has exceptions

(Archive Link as of Nov 2022: