Riverside “Yosemite” Office

Riverside Pediatrics Office

Mission Pediatrics Riverside
"Yosemite Office"
6926 Brockton Ave, Suite 11, Riverside, CA

Mission Pediatrics is proud to bring to you our very first theme-based office. Designed with the intention to bring the serenity of the outdoors to the patient experience in honor of Dr. Watson’s dad, Don Watson. Loaded with special effects designed to give the feel of visiting a hotel in Yosemite National Park, the office has its own thunder and lightning effects, squawking old-style radio and custom made train and wooden park furniture. Each room themed to look like a different iconic location in Yosemite national park, the staff dress in thematic costumes to complete the ambiance. Custom murals and handmade artwork in each room, complete with antique furniture and an old crackling woodburning 1885 stove (nonfunctional theatre prop) to give a warm and inviting patient experience. Plasma UV sterilizers in the AC system create clean filtered air for your safety. Large parking lot in back, this pioneering space is the first of the themed work in the Mission Pediatrics collection, open to all who seek a delightfully different pediatric experience.
The goal is to empower families with the skills to better manage the care of their children. It is themed with a “Louisiana Bayou” style, –complete with themed music and its own enclosed courtyard with “mangrove” trees, a rock-swamp and dock for patients who prefer being outside. A renown pediatric intensive care expert serves as director and provides top quality care for these most vulnerable patients. Plenty of parking in back and plasma UV sterilizers in the AC system for your protection. Completing our suite of delightfully different offerings for our patients, our Everglades office provides an inviting and truly special experience.

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    Mission Pediatrics Riverside "Yosemite" Office

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