Nice Stuff in the Clinic is Expensive, Please Be Careful and Watch Your Kids to Avoid Accidents

Mission Pediatrics is all about ambiance and safety. We try to give you a unique theme based medical experience, but this can be costly, and things need to be treated with respect…like at grandma’s house. Please use the office at your own risk. We expect you to be honest if you break something. Patients may incur a charge for items they damage –especially those who just walk out after breaking something. You are responsible for the supervision of your children, their safety is important. Work with us to keep our environment safe for our children while maintaining a high level of respect and care for equipment and office décor. Children are not allowed to climb on things, and, never allow your children to hold or play with a pen or crayon in the office Supervise your children and ensure they do not fall off the tables or to put things in their mouth. Do not let children crawl under furniture or climb/stand on furniture.


If you see something that you think could be a safety hazard, let our staff know. If you think a chair or table cannot safely support you, please don’t sit on it. If things are broken in the office, please do the honorable thing and take responsibility –it’s the right thing to do.