How to End Our Relationship

Ending the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Happy and safe patients and doctors are what we all want.  If you are not happy with your experience or our doctors are not happy with theirs, then the doctor-patient-relationship is impaired. Likewise, if you do not behave safely, we cannot offer meaningful care under threat.


So, Mission Pediatrics reserves the right to end the physician  -patient relationship for all patients at the discretion of the doctor. In our group practice, it is not reasonable for you to see only one doctor or single out one provider in our clinic, so patients who refuse other providers cannot continue a safe or meaningful doctor-patient relationship. So if you have a bad experience with one provider, you cannot keep coming to the office insisting on seeing another provider, in the event that other provider is not available, it could place your child at risk to waif they wait, and this simply does not provide the best care to your child.


We understand it may be inconvenient for you if you have to repeat your child’s history on occasion to a new provider, but this is the trade-off with group practices that operate with our business model. As a patient, you have the right to terminate the physician-patient relationship.  Stating that you are going to see another doctor is the way you immediately end our relationship.


All practice-terminated relationships will be through a written letter either by the practice, IPA, or the health plan.  Emergency access and care will continue to be provided for a maximum of 30 days after terminationas a courtesy or until you find another doctor or per insurance policy unless you end things, in which case it is effective immediately as per the law. The following are common reasons we may have to terminate our physician-patient relationship but certainly not the only reasons:


  1. Parent/Caregiver or adult patients states that they are going to see another This ends the relationship immediately
  2. Parents or children/patients that are grossly disrespectful or threatening toward people at theclinic, including threatening to “sue” the clinic
  3. Failed or missed appointments in excess of three times. This creates gaps in care that threaten the safety of the patient
  4. Abuse, frivolous use or overuse of the emergency room/urgent cares for non- emergencies
  5. Failure to follow our vaccination policy (see Vaccination Policy section)
  6. Failure to comply with physician/provider recommendations
  7. Unsafe behavior observed in or around clinic
  8. Failure to follow the codes and expectations set forth in our Office Policies or other office procedures and posted signs
  9. Vandalism (including graffiti) or destruction of property within or without the clinic
  10. Use of drugs in or around premises, including smoking and vaping
  11. Dishonest, untruthful, libelous or slanderous behavior directed at spitefully damaging the reputation of our doctors, clinic or staff, including untruthful or unusually cruel/hostile online reviews or social media posts
  12. Failure to stow/put away cell phones, video games, music devices or tablets when asked to do so by the provider