Redlands “Jenny Lind” Office

Mission Pediatrics Office in Redlands

Mission Pediatrics Redlands
"Jenny Lind Office"
114 W. Vine St. Redlands, CA

Mission Pediatrics has expanded its thematic style with this one-of-a-kind Victorian office since 2016. Receiving a number of awards in the community for its contribution to community spirit and architecture, this truly tops a patient medical experience. In 1902, this site served as the first hospital in the city of Redlands, and this emerald green Victorian house is now the home of our flagship office. Painted with over 40 different colors throughout, and filled with custom stained glass windows, it sports Rococo and Renaissance-Revival original antique furniture as a delightfully different medical experience complete with Victorian costumed staff. There is a hidden apple theme in each room (an apple a day, keeps a doctor away).
The office is filled with special effects and animatronics from a water-vapor crackling fireplace, a floating candlabra, to moving pictures in frames to give your child a highly specialized encounter with medicine that is sure to delight and inspire wonder. Each holiday the office sports a light show that broadcasts to a local unused FM channel and engages the community with spectacular Halloween and Christmas shows. Antiques have hidden state-of-the-art technology complete with plasma UV sterilizers and hospital grade HEPA air filtration for your safety. Join us in experiencing the wonder that medical care can be in Redlands.

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    Mission Pediatrics Redlands "Jenny Lind" Office

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