Armando Holguin, PA-C

About Me:

Armando "Mando" Holguin: The Marvelous Medic

Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey with Armando "Mando" Holguin, our fantastically fun and board-certified Physician Assistant! Mando honed his healing skills and earned his Master's degree from California Baptist University in Riverside. Before that, he delved into the microscopic mysteries of Cell and Developmental Biology (with a side of Chemistry, inspired by his love for Breaking Bad) at Cal State Fullerton.

Born and raised in the vibrant sprawl of Los Angeles County, Mando's adventure into medicine began with humble roots as a hospital volunteer. From there, he donned the cape of an EMT, zipping around town to transport patients with both speed and exceptional care. Those days as an EMT are some of his fondest memories, as they cemented his calling to serve the community and care for those in need.

Our mischievous minds want to interject with a fun fact: there are seven kinds of poop! Curious? Dive into the “Bristol Stool Chart” to find your favorite. Now, back to our hero... Mando is a kid at heart, which makes him a perfect fit for Pediatrics. As the eldest of five brothers, he’s a seasoned pro at wrangling and entertaining little ones. In his downtime, Mando loves hanging out with his family, battling it out in video games, and enjoying epic movie marathons on the big screen.

A self-proclaimed nerd, Mando is an aficionado of all things superhero, video game, TV show, and movie-related, with a particular passion for STAR WARS. He's over the moon that his name now resonates in the Star Wars universe (This is the Way!) and proudly showcases his impressive collection of memorabilia.

Mando is dedicated to being an exceptional healthcare provider, always prioritizing the well-being of his patients. He promises your kids will be in safe and caring hands, and he can't wait to connect with them in his own goofy, heartwarming way.