Naomi Radoi, PA-C

About Me:

Naomi: The Pineapple-Powered Physician Assistant

Step right up and meet Naomi, our brilliant and board-certified Physician Assistant who adds a sprinkle of magic to our medical team! Naomi embarked on her academic adventure at California Baptist University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies.

Naomi’s passion for medicine was ignited during her overseas medical mission trips to Romania, where she provided care to underserved populations. These experiences inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare and become the compassionate PA she is today.

Now, let’s dive into the whimsical wonders of Naomi’s world! Aside from her medical prowess, Naomi is a globe-trotter extraordinaire. She has explored over 10 countries, with Austria topping her list of favorites. When she’s not jet-setting around the world, Naomi loves to sing and play the piano, filling the air with her melodious tunes.

Here’s a fun tidbit: Naomi has a peculiar obsession with pineapples, especially when they adorn her pizza. Did you know our silliness squad discovered that “pineapple” was originally used to describe pine cones? And guess what? Pineapples are neither pines nor apples; they’re actually berries!

In a fanciful twist, Naomi once claimed to have trained a squad of pineapples to sing in harmony. While this tale is delightfully untrue, it showcases her playful spirit!

During the COVID pandemic, Naomi and her family launched a fun side hustle on eBay, which gave her a knack for business and an appreciation for entrepreneurship. She’s also got a big heart for kids and loves the joy and humor that come with working with them.

Naomi is excited to connect her love of medicine, kids, and travel to create a delightfully different experience for her patients. She can’t wait to bring her unique blend of expertise and whimsy to the practice!