Fever in Newborns

What is considered a fever in a newborn?

A newborn is considered less than 6 weeks old.

A fever is when the temperature is over 100.4

How do you tell if your baby has a fever? 1st you have to check it.

Only check their temperature if you have a reason to. And don’t check it everyday.

Check their temperature if they:

Feel too warm

Are fussy

Not sleeping well

Not eating

How should you check their temperature:

You must use a thermometer.

Your child may feel warm but not have a fever.

Make sure the child is not bundled up.

If your child is bundled, unwrap them for a few minutes then recheck it. If your newborn is less than 6 weeks and has a fever, we want to know about it. You should call our clinic or take the child to the ER if they seem sick.

Can a newborn be too cold?

Yes, if their temperature is less than 97 degrees, that can be too low.

Bundle your child and recheck.