Mission Pediatrics – Safety Seconds – Bug Bites

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Bug bites, Mosquito bites may get red raised and itchy. Bees may sting. Ant bites may burn, get red and form a small blister. While bug bites can be annoying, they are rarely dangerous and usually resolve in a few days.

After a bite or sting you can clean the area with soap and water. If there is a stinger, it can be carefully removed with tweezers . Ice can be soothing for a sting and help with itching or swelling.

Over the counter Topical creams or medicines may help with itching, swelling or redness. If your child seems like they are having an allergic reaction or the area gets more swollen and red over time or your child gets a fever, it might be time to see your doctor. If you still have questions or are not sure if your home remedies are helping, it might be time to get medical advice.

Remember, safety 1st.

Safety only takes seconds.