Safety Seconds: Holiday Safety

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Holiday Safety

*Holiday Safety*
*Keep these tips in mind when decorating your home or hosting a party *

Keep lighted candles away from anything flammable. Consider using battery
operated or melted wax type products instead. Never leave them unattended
and make sure to blow out or turn off before leaving your home.
*Christmas trees:*
Artificial trees: Plug directly into the wall, do not use extension cords.
Live trees: Keep live trees well watered, don’t let your tree get dried
out. Dry branches can catch fire from the heat of lights.
Decorating: Don’t reach too far and brake your bones.
Use a step stool or ladder with proper footing.
Cords and Decorations: Replace worn or damaged cords and decorations.
Always turn off before leaving or going to bed. Consider using timers.
If you have small children or curious pets consider using plastic instead
of glass ornaments on lower branches.
Also, avoid items with small parts as these can be choking hazards.
Consider using a play-yard or baby gate fence around your tree until
Christmas eve or day.
If you are cooking and hosting lots of family and friends make sure you do
so safely.
Always keep a fire extinguisher available.
Keep young children out of the kitchen while cooking so
curious eyes and hands don’t get burnt.
Handle raw meat safely by washing your hands and anything that
comes into contact with it.
Cook meat to proper cooking temperature.
If serving alcohol make sure everyone gets home safe with a designated

Don’t stress out. Start shopping and prepping early, that way everyone can
enjoy the party.
The holidays are not about food, gifts and decorations,
they are about who you spend them with.