Seasonal Allergies

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a cold and seasonal allergies, even for your doctor. This is because many of the symptoms are the same:
Runny nose
Sore throat
However, there are some symptoms that are more common for a cold: fever and body aches.
Usually allergies are worse in the spring or fall when plants are blooming and it is windy outside.
At home you can help control allergies inside by:
Cleaning your home weekly by dusting and vacuuming
Avoid feather or down bedding
Keep your home clutter-free as lots of stuff makes it easier for dust to collect
Use AC and heat with HEPA filters
Don’t smoke inside
Avoid wood burning fireplaces or stoves
Dogs and cats or other indoor pets may not be practical or safe
Seal cracks so cockroaches and other bugs can’t get inside
How to control allergies outside:
Don’t go outside when pollen counts are high or take allergy medication first.
Shower and change clothes after playing outside
Avoid yard work like mowing or raking