What is asthma?
Asthma is a condition that affects a persons breathing.
What causes asthma?
Asthma can run in families.
It can be associated with allergies and infections like the flu or a cold.
How is asthma treated?
There are usually two types of medications we prescribe.
One is considered a “rescue” medication like albuterol. When your asthma is bothering you, you may be asked to take this medicine every 4 hours or before exercise.
If you are using your inhaler every day or 3-4 nights a week, we may need to give you a second one. This is a daily controller medication like Qvar, flovent or pulmicort.
Depending on how old your child is, we sometimes give liquid medication and a nebulizer for home.
Can kids with asthma be active?
Yes, if their asthma is well controlled, kids with asthma can be normal kids.
We want your kids to be healthy and active.
So if your child has asthma that is acting up or they are taking a controller medication, we want to see your child every 3 months so that they can stay active.