Monkeypox is a serious illness that causes pustules and sores that scar the skin, it is a low risk currently for children but remains very contagious.  It is primarily spread through sexual transmission.  Read more with the links attached. English (Enlaces en español dentro de la página web):*99z0y3*_ga*MTk2MjM5Mjg0My4xNjY3NzU1ODI3*_ga_FD9D3XZVQQ*MTY2Nzc2NTcyNC4yLjEuMTY2Nzc2NTc4MS4wLjAuMA

RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus

RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus  (As of November 6, 2022) This is a serious viral illness that has been around for decades.  It tends to cause severe cold symptoms in children mostly during the winter months.  Children will cough excessively, produce a lot of mucous and sometimes wheeze or develop serious respiratory distress.  See links for…

Symptom Checker

A great tool for getting in-depth information on hundreds of symptoms all neatly organized visually. Symptom Checker